WATCH: Employee confronts moose trying to enter Alaska grocery store

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Cellphone video captured the moment a Wasilla, Alaska grocery store was visited by an unexpected shopper of the 400+ pound, antler-wearing variety.

And while this may have taken place in Alaska, it’s a story more than a few Canadians could likely see themselves in.

The footage shows the moment a curious moose decided to do a little morning “shopping” at a Carrs grocery store Thursday.



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    Wasilla resident Ema Rose shot the above video showing the moose hanging out in the store’s front foyer, while a brave store employee stands, Gandalf-style, trying to bar its way into the rest of the store.

    “It tried to walk right into the store, so she stands in front of the door to try and block him out,” Rose described in a phone interview with KTVA News in Alaska.

    “I tried to bang a trash can in order to get him to go away.”

    Erma Schoeppel, another Carrs employee working in the floral department, tells the Alaska Dispatch news the moose was attracted by a selection of gourds in the store’s front entrance.

    Despite drawing quite a crowd of curious onlookers, the moose seems completely unperturbed, browsing various items while onlookers try to shoo it out of the store.

    The moose eventually left of his own accord.

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