Take your Halloween entertaining to the next level with these tutorials

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Hosting a Halloween party this week? There are a few easy DIY decor and menu ideas you can use to make your shindig “spooktacular.”

Sara Lynn Cauchon, aka The Domestic Geek on YouTube (where she has nearly quadruple the following of Martha Stewart), really set the bar with her epic feast.

The whole setup took her five days, but she’s confident you won’t need that long.

“You can definitely pull that off in an afternoon if you had some extra hands.”

Part 1 of her Haunted Hallowed Party tutorial, which covers all the little devilish decor details, has been viewed more than 25,000 times in less than 24 hours.

Here are her tips for how you can pull off what she did:

1. Scour your house

“There’s nothing you can’t do with a mason jar, in my humble opinion.”

Anything in your home that looks old or antique could work. If you can’t find anything, drop by a thrift shop for some vintage decanters.

2. Hit a dollar store

“I have to say the dollar store has really upped its game.”

You can probably find close to everything you’ll need there. Even if something doesn’t look exactly like you want it to right out of the bag, a little imagination and creativity goes a long way. Cauchon’s black creepy-crawly place-mats, for instance, called for some super glue and spray paint. Cauchon glued the small snakes together to form a place-mat. They originally looked like this:

3. Stock up on candles

The candles give the skeletons a ghoulish glow.

The Domestic Geek, YouTube

“Candles are so inexpensive but so creepy.”

The more candles you can add, the better. They really set the mood.

“Anything liquid looks incredible by candlelight,” she adds.

4. Menu

Poison apples are a sinister twist on candied apples.

The Domestic Geek, YouTube

The blood-red spider cider is to die for.

The Domestic Geek, YouTube

Oven-roasted brains “that even Hannibal Lecter would approve of.”

The Domestic Geek, YouTube

“Menu is really important.”

Cauchon points out that you tend to see a lot of kid-friendly menus this time of year.

Part 2 of Cauchon’s Haunted Hallowed Party tutorial below offers three “eerie but irresistible recipes that will both spook and satisfy” adults’ tastebuds.

Happy entertaining!

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