Beechwood Elementary students make knots for charity

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PIERREFONDS – Grade 4 students at Beechwood Elementary were busy twisting, braiding and knotting away Saturday afternoon and it was all for a good cause.

The kids made friendship bracelets with all proceeds going to the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Event organizer, Neesa Harroche, said that a few kids at Beechwood suffer from type 1 diabetes, her daughter among them.



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    The initiative was borne out of a desire to give back and say thank you.

    “We just like to give back to the hospital because they’re so great at the Children’s,” said Harroche.

    The friendship booth was part of a larger event aimed at raising funds for school programs, including field trips and jungle sport.

    Harroche said they revived the event after a seven-year hiatus, not only to support and showcase local artists, but also to support the teachers.

    “Now, with everything that teachers are going through, it makes things easier for them. And for us to fund different projects for the kids.”

    With a few hours left for the sale, the kids at the bracelet kiosque were confident they would reach their goal of $50.

    The tally so far: “forty something dollars,” they chimed in together.

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